Kerstin J. Hajdu
Ever since Kerstin was a child she was highly interested in the creative use of make-up and the experiment of hairstyles. Turning 17, she completed her trainee program as a hair dresser with flying colors and several awards.
Already during her apprenticeship of 3 years as a hairdresser, make-up was an important component. After some years of work experience she decided to move to Cologne, where she worked for the music channel Viva TV and could improve her expertise and skills as a makeup artist.
In 2005 she was drawn to her own creativity and started to work as a freelanced hair & make-up artist.
Kerstin proves her love to details and creates modern looks, interpreting the spirit of the time.With her straightforward approach she is highly valued by colleagues as well as customers.
She is able to create spectacular art or classical, natural beauty looks. What is most important for her, though, is a fresh looking, beautiful skin.
Kerstin is inspired by nature and her love of textures, forms and materials like wood, flowers and corals.
Her passion is Cut & Color - using wigs and hairpieces for her creative work.
Kerstin has been part of the Lancome family since 2018, she is national Make up Artist and Skin Expert.
“The world is her home” - Kerstin works internationally as a hairdresser and make-up artist and her creations can be found in various magazines, campaigns and fashion productions